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    PVC development status bar


    Date:2014年03月31日 Source:本站原創 Browse:


    Everyone was very strange to hear PVC rods , PVC rods in fact, is a flame retardant , chemical stability , low rifting produced only internal forces of non- crystalline materials , is China's first , world's second largest general-purpose synthetic resin material, due to excellent flame resistance, abrasion resistance , chemical resistance , overall mechanical resistance, product transparency , electrical insulating properties , and easy processing characteristics, present , PVC has become the most widely applied in the field of plastic varieties First, in the industrial , construction, agriculture , daily life, packaging, power , utilities and other fields are widely used, and polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and ABS collectively referred to as the five generic resin . It is so widely used , it is also very good development prospects . Status of the case are:
    Currently there are PVC bar two kinds of domestic and imported , according to the vast majority of domestic PVC market bar . Domestic PVC rod which is divided into Class A and Class B .

    A grade PVC rod made ??of pure PVC resin , stiffness , hardness, good corrosion resistance .

    Class B PVC rods manufactured using recycled PVC material , prone to breakage , corrosion resistance is poor, there are impurities. But the price is cheap.
    The main brands of imported PVC rod Gaelic German (GEHR), the company is focused on the production of PP, PVC, CPVC rod manufacturers.


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